Valvole Pompe Rubinetti Saracinesche
catalog Cod. art: 007


semilug body and lens on cast iron


semilug type with centring holes extended neck for insulation EN-GJS-400-15 ductile iron body stainless steel rods 13% chrome EN GJS-400-15 ductile iron lens coated in nickel (Art. 007.0084) stainless steel lens (Art. 007.1085) EPDM gasket lever command ¼ turn, lockable in aluminium alloy with 13 position lock (for diameters ND 20÷250) and manual reduction unit (for ND 300÷400) piping installed between the flanges to UNI ISO, DIN RP 6, RP 10 and RP 16 standards installation without gasket and in any position.


ND 25 ÷ ND 400 Maximum pressure 16 bar (ND 20 ÷ ND 200) Maximum pressure 10 bar (ND 250 ÷ ND 400) Working temperature -10°C +130°C (EPDM gasket) Working temperature -10°C +90°C (NBR gasket)


air-conditioning, heating and ventilation plant, vacuum plant (max. -0.2 bar absolute). It is designed for dismantling upstream and downstream from the piping and for assembling at the beginning or end of the line.


reduction unit command for diameters ND 20÷250 electric control pneumatic control.