Valvole Pompe Rubinetti Saracinesche
catalog Cod. art: 017


Motorised pump


UNI 5035 brass gate valve threaded up to Ø 4”, G20 cast iron flanged for diameters ND 125 and 150 – UNI 5035 brass check valve, hydrant valve ND 70 FG, safety valve Ø 1”, body and cap – G20 iron check valve for ND 125 and 150.


2”½ – 3” – 4” threaded version ND 125 and ND 150 flanged version
Insertion of one or two UNI 70 attachments. Maximum temperature 60°C
Maximum pressure 16 bar.


supplied with horizontal construction. The way the pump is
constructed means it can be installed in the fire fighting ring by connecting the gate valve to the water supply – safety valve calibrated to 7 bar – the pump end is constructed to UNI 9490 and UNI 10779 standards – the water intake opening fitting is supplied with a ring to UNI 808 standard.


to be installed on the water intake ring on the fire fighting system. Water can be sent into the network from the fire engine tank.


vertical construction – 2”, 5” and 6” ends – more than 2 hydrants can be fitted – construction with plug for inserting the end of the line.