Valvole Pompe Rubinetti Saracinesche
catalog Cod. art: 007


flanged BOA C on cast iron with soft seated PN 6


EN-GJL-250 (Jl1040) cast iron body stainless steel rod EPDM plug coating position indicator outside the insulation fixed handwheel fixed rod flanges dimensioned and drilled to DIN/EN1092-2 standard reduced gauge to EN 558-1/14 standard.


ND 15 ÷ ND 200 Maximum pressure 6 bar (Art. 007.0414) Maximum pressure 16 bar (Art. 007.0415) Working temperature -10°C +120°C


hot water heating plant up to 120°C air-conditioning plant air inert gases non-aggressive fluids for EPDM. The soft seat prevents any solid bodies that are carried by the liquid from damaging the plug and housing when the valve is closed; the shape of the plug also enables regulating the valve.