Valvole Pompe Rubinetti Saracinesche
catalog Cod. art: 061


threaded on light brass PN 10 from 1/4" to 2"


body in CW 617 N UNI EN12165 brass (ø ¼”÷2”) or in Delta C EN1982 CB 754S brass (larger ø) Delta C EN1982 CB 854S brass disc CW 617N UNI EN12165 brass large screw CW 614 N UNI EN12164 brass rod, rod stop and packing gland guarnital fibre gasket body EPDM 90 Dutral rod gasket steel plate handwheel plasticised with red epoxy resin galvanised steel handwheel fixing nut sanded surface finish female threaded ends according to ISO 228/1 standards.


¼” ÷ 6” Maximum pressure 10 bar (ø ¼”÷2”) Maximum pressure 16 bar (ø 2”½÷6”) Maximum temperature 80°C


harmful or non-harmful liquids, as long as they do not attack copper alloys (bronze, brass) heating plant water plant hygiene-sanitary plant vertical or horizontal assembly, reduced gauge, prevents water-hammering as it has a slow and proportional closing movement.